The Minimalist Educator Podcast

Episode 001 - Welcome to The Minimalist Educator Podcast!

September 05, 2023 Season 1 Episode 1
The Minimalist Educator Podcast
Episode 001 - Welcome to The Minimalist Educator Podcast!
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In this episode, Christine and Tammy share the intentions and hopes for The Minimalist Educator Podcast. They share topics they will discuss amongst themselves and with the guests they invite to the podcast as they relate to their co-authored book, The Minimalist Teacher

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The Minimalist Educator Podcast is a Plan Z Professional Learning Services adventure.

 Welcome to the Minimalist Educator Podcast, a podcast about paring down to refocus on the purpose and priorities in our roles with co hosts and co authors of The Minimalist Teacher Book, Tammy Musiowsky Borneman and Christine Arnold.

Hi everyone, and welcome to our very first episode. I'm Christine Arnold. And I'm Tammy Musiowsky Borneman, and we are the co authors of the ASCD publication, The Minimalist Teacher. We're really excited to start recording our podcast with you all. Um, we really excited to share some tidbits and some tips and strategies from our book, the minimalist teacher.

 we also are really looking forward to talking to other teachers and thinkers in education and think about how we can apply minimalism in our schools. We're going to explore tips for what's working for people, uh, and really dive deep into how we can make our work life that much better. We're going to be exploring a bunch of themes as well.

So we often talk to educators about what minimalism can look like in schools and classrooms, how we need to shift our mindsets to go from that Maximus type of thinking to streamlining and prioritizing. We're going to talk about What this looks like in our different roles and contacts, the benefits of minimalism and education, as well as the challenges that we face, because it's a hard shift to make, but we're looking forward to talking about all of these things with you.

And we hope that you'll join us for every episode. We're so looking forward to sharing this experience with you all. Take care and we'll see you next time.

This episode was brought to you by Resonance Education. Resonance Education are consultants who collaborate with educators to create comprehensive, sustainable, scalable cultures of social emotional learning. You can find them at ResonanceEd. com.

Be sure to join Tammy and Christine and guests for more episodes of the Minimalist Educator Podcast. They would love to hear about your journey with minimalism. Connect with them @PlanZPLS on Twitter or Instagram. The music for the podcast has been written and performed by Gaia Moretti.